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Article: Probiotics and You!

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Pregnancy Skincare

Probiotics and You!

In every category, from health and wellness to makeup and skincare, there are certain buzzwords or phrases that tend to float around. We’ve all heard them. For example in the beauty space over the past year there’s been a large focus on CBD products and skincare infused makeup. In terms of health when speaking on nutrition you might hear about macro and micronutrients and you may have heard a little bit about pre- and probiotics. 

Skincare is definitely no different when it comes to our buzzwords. With the skincare world rapidly expanding and growing it seems there’s a new skincare super ingredient popping up every day. While this is true, there are also some key ingredients that have become staples of a healthy vibrant skincare routine in our book. That’s right, we’re pointing at those same probiotics. While doing wonders for your body on the inside they also happen to be rockstars in skincare! But what are probiotics exactly, where do they come from, and what can they do for your skin?

Let’s start at the beginning with WHAT exactly probiotics are! Probiotics are living microorganisms, often a bacteria or yeast, which are found all over our bodies both inside and out. These microorganisms are more commonly thought of as "good bacteria." That statement might seem a little counterintuitive but it’s true! Bacteria is often thought of in purely negative connotations, the invisible threat to our immune system, but our bodies actually need this good bacteria for a number of reasons. Bacteria does a variety of things for us like helping to regulate blood sugar, aiding in digestion, and helping control inflammation. The overall concept though, this good bacteria's main overarching job, is to maintain the balance of your microbiome by neutralizing or balancing out the bad bacteria. 

So how exactly have these probiotics found themselves wrapped up in skincare and what are they doing in there? The idea of using skincare with live bacteria in the mix can seem a bit alarming at first we’ll admit! But think of it the same way good bacteria would function within the body. Just like we have good and bad bacteria in our body fighting to maintain balance we also have good and bad bacteria on our skin. The skin's microbiome includes all of the bacteria living on your skin that’s actively working to protect it from pollutants, contaminants, and outside irritations. When there’s an over abundance of bad bacteria we can experience negative side effects such as inflammation, redness, or irritation. We want to maintain a healthy balance in order to prevent those side effects and nurture healthy beautiful looking skin.

Imbalance can come naturally of course, our skin is constantly changing and is always being affected by the world around us, but it can also be caused by different products we use without even knowing it. This is why when we are working on forming a skincare routine we have to pay close attention to how our skin reacts to different products. It’s also part of the reason why we’ve been so vigilant with our own products, their ingredients, and how these ingredients work together and affect the skin even before throwing some of our favorite probiotics into the mix! This enables us to go beyond just bolstering the skin barrier to truly nurturing the microbiome that protects your skin to begin with.

Element Mom

When it comes to pregnancy and probiotics in general “good gut bacteria” have proven to play an incredibly important role in setting up baby’s healthy microbiome as well. After all, a healthy mom equals a healthy baby! And just as important as our probiotics within! Those on our skin! All of this matters to us and our focus on mama’s skincare because of the immense stress mama’s skin is going through already. With all of the hormonal changes an expectant or new mother faces they may be experiencing some seriously wild changes in their skin as well. The delicate balance our bodies strive to achieve has all around been thrown into upheaval. Once dry skin may now more closely resemble an oil slick, or vice versa! Not to mention all of the physical changes her skin goes through throughout pregnancy which only increase day by day as her baby grows.

We want to help support a healthy microbiome for mama and an excellent place to start is by introducing some probiotics to the mix. Obviously in all of this information one thing is abundantly clear, we think they’re fantastic for numerous reasons! So what’s our go to probiotic at the moment? In particular when it comes to our own products like our Mega Moisturizing Probiotic Stretch Mark Cream, we are pretty head over heels for a probiotic by the name of bifida ferment lysate! A byproduct of the fermentation of one of the most popular or well-known probiotics, bifidobacteria, this powerful probiotic is actually a type of yeast and helps to soothe inflammation, reduce dryness, and help the skin to repair itself a little easier. All of this makes it fantastic for treating what scientific studies refer to as “reactive skin”, aka sensitive skin, something many of our mama’s are well acquainted with! 

Element Mom Stretch Mark Cream

Just like we might take a probiotic supplement to help boost the healthy bacteria within our body, we can think of probiotics in skincare in the same way as a sort of topical supplement! This “supplement” can dramatically help to reduce irritation and boost hydration and the overall health of the skin which are all things we want for our moms-to-be!

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