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Self-care without guilt, without pause.

Our Story

Mission driven & Socially Responsible

Element Mom is a mission driven and socially responsible prenatal and postpartum skincare brand for new moms. Our pregnancy skincare products are clean and toxin free, safe for moms and their baby-to-be. We have strict standards in product formulation, banning close to 1,500 known toxic chemicals in cosmetics.

Our Values

Self-Care is never selfish

Our mission is to educate moms on the importance of choosing safe and clean ingredients and empowering them to care for themselves and feel confident and beautiful during a time of intense change.

Give back

Leave no mom behind

Through our MOM+1 program we tackle economic inequalities in the communities we serve. Element Mom matches every product purchased with a donation to an underserved mom, allowing us to provide zero-cost, safe, highly effective personal care products to those who needed it most.

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Our formulas

Natural is Nice. Clean is Better.

While we love natural ingredients the truth is they aren’t always actually what’s best for your skin, especially when it comes to prenatal skincare. Natural does not necessarily mean it’s safe for you or your baby-to-be. That is why we prioritize clean ingredients that are free of toxins and proven to be both safe and effective. We believe in pampering mama with ingredients that are the best for her skin without any potential harm to her growing little one.

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