Welcome to Element Mom

Our Story

Element Mom is the first K-Beauty brand in the U.S. solely focusing on maternity skincare. Our mission is to help expecting mothers learn about the importance of self-care during pregnancy, choosing safe and clean products that are free of toxins and supporting them in building confidence in themselves during a time of intense change.


In search of skincare dedicated to maternity and post-maternity, and harboring a love and admiration for Korean skincare, we’ve pulled from all of our favorite K-Beauty practices and combined them with clean, safe ingredients to create a brand just for mama.

Our Philosophy

The core of our philosophy revolves around the belief that prevention is the key to healthier happier skin, and as such is the key to increased confidence and a mama who feels radiantly beautiful, happy, and healthy as well. This is achieved through the use of safe, clean products that are free of toxins. Products that are good for your skin, no matter how sensitive, and will eliminate the concern every mama faces when pregnant - will these ingredients be safe for me AND my baby?

Our products are created with Mama in mind but good for all. Maternity, postpartum, or just every-day skincare. We pride ourselves in being an accessible brand, bringing pamper-perfect skincare to all.

During this time of intense change we are committed to supporting our mamas, helping them build their confidence throughout pregnancy and beyond and stressing that all so critical self care.