About us

Element Mom is the first K-Beauty skincare brand in the U.S. solely focused on maternity and motherhood personal care.  

Founded by Sarah Li in Los Angeles during the height of the global pandemic in 2020, Element Mom was conceived from the desire to bring clean, highly effective and affordable skincare products to all moms.


It was during Sarah’s first trimester, in the midst of learning all the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy, that she quickly realized her options for clean and affordable maternity skincare were limited. With her eyes set on K-Beauty, guided by a mission to empower and help expectant mothers learn about the importance of self-care throughout their pregnancy journey by choosing safe, clean, toxin-free products that just work and are accessible to all moms, Sarah was determined to bring the best of K-Beauty to mamas across America and fill that void.

Sadly, Sarah's journey to motherhood would be abruptly put on hold. Late into the first trimester, Sarah would receive the news no expecting mother ever wants to hear. She was about to experience an early pregnancy miscarriage. The news was absolutely devastating. But, after some much-needed time to process and heal, the brand now had a new purpose. Despite her loss, Sarah was determined to move forward, to honor all moms who had gone through this same heartbreak. She was determined to help all moms, from all walks of life and every stage of motherhood, come to understand the importance of self-care and self-worth through the lens of K-Beauty.