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Article: Self-care on the go. Yes, please!

Self-care on the go. Yes, please!
Self Care

Self-care on the go. Yes, please!

Whether you’re a stay at home mom, working mom, or a mom to be, it's pretty safe to say we’re all swamped! Dropping the kids off at school, prepping for work, keeping up with the house, pets, appointments, the to-do list seems never-ending and sliding self-care on there as a priority seems near impossible at times. Long bubble baths and lengthy self care routines can be lovely and feel perfectly indulgent when you can squeeze them in, but what about when you’ve only got a minute to spare?

We believe self-care doesn’t have to be a long, complicated and involved endeavor. It can be simple, quick, and easy! That was part of the thought process when we began working on our Dose of Serenity and Dose of Radiance facial serum pads. We mentioned them briefly here before in regards to some of our ingredient crushes, namely Niacinamide and our Triple CICA complex, but if you haven't heard of them you're going to want to read on. Let's talk skincare, mama!

When it comes to K-Beauty we're sure you're familiar with the multi-step. concept, layering skincare to treat specific skin concerns and ultimately work towards achieving that glowing glass-like skin we've all heard about. We love the practice but also know sometimes a 10-step routine just isn't practical for every-day! So when we moved to facial skincare we wanted to make our first product something that could fit into any routine across the board regardless of time constraints. And, that's how we came to our facial serum pads.

Serums are a fantastic way to target your specific skin concerns and our serum pads make it easy to fit in a little self-care to your routine without sacrificing any extra time or effort. 

They're also ideal for maximum serum absorption, which is a huge plus. After all, when it comes to purchasing specialized skincare, wouldn't you want to soak in as much of it as possible to see the best results? Serum pads create a physical barrier, the pad itself, that allows the serum to really sink in and penetrate the skin effectively.

The "How To" of it all is extremely simple. Our serum pads can be used two different ways, one for a quick fix and the other for a little bit of a deeper treatment. If you're running out the door and just want to add a little extra glow to your skin post cleansing then all you have to do is take out one pad and gently swipe the serum onto your skin, massaging it in. Follow it up with your favorite moisturizer and sunscreen and you're good to go!

If you have an extra minute or two and are looking to really pamper and treat your skin then stretch the pad to fit whichever area you're targeting, press it onto your skin to ensure it adheres properly, and give it a couple minutes to sit. In the meantime you can continue your morning routine as normal, letting the serum soak in, and when you're ready finish it off by swiping the pad across your skin and massaging in any excess serum! Our pads were made larger in order to target broader areas of the face, neck, shoulders, and even chest. They're also extremely flexible so you can stretch them to fit to any area you're looking to soothe or brighten depending on your skin concern!


With how quick and easy they are to use our mamas have been loving incorporating our facial serum pads into their daily routines. Curious about how they might fit into a skincare routine of your own? Start off by deciding what your skin goals are! If you're looking to brighten and smooth your overall complexion, Dose of Radiance is your best bet!  With four different types of root extracts to help reduce inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles, and even help prevent breakouts, plus the incredibly effective Niacinamide working to boost hydration and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, Dose of Radiance delivers in the hydrating glow department.

For our sensitive or acne-prone skin mamas, Dose of Serenity is an excellent choice. Serenity cools and calms the skin with our Triple CICA Complex, combining Madecassic acid, Asiatic acid, and Asiaticoside to help heal and nurture inflamed, irritated, or sensitive skin. These three together are practically miracle workers when it comes to anti-aging and plumping up your skin while still being gentle.  Dose of Serenity is suitable for any skin type with ingredients that pack a serious punch!

Skin care doesn't have to be complicated! Which of our serum pads are your perfect match? Whether you're a mom on the go or simply on the lookout for the next game-changer in your skincare routine, Dose of Serenity and Dose of Radiance are sure to shake things up in no time! 

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