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Article: Going Green with Diapers: Top Boutique Eco-Friendly Choices

Going Green with Diapers: Top Boutique Eco-Friendly Choices
Baby Diapers

Going Green with Diapers: Top Boutique Eco-Friendly Choices

It's no secret that babies go through a lot of diapers. With over 8 billion dirty diapers hitting landfills each year in the US alone, it's time for a change. Enter the world of eco-friendly diapers, where sustainability meets functionality. While these diapers may come with a slightly higher price tag, they offer a guilt-free solution for environmentally conscious parents. Let's explore some boutique brands that are making waves in the diaper market with their eco-friendly designs.


Kudos ($0.36/diaper)

Say goodbye to leaks and blowouts with Kudos diapers. Made from sustainable, plant-based materials, these diapers are gentle on your baby's skin. Kudos disposable diapers are lined with 100% clean, doctor-recommended cotton. Bye-bye plastic, hello eco-friendly comfort.




Freestyle ($0.39/diaper)

Featuring Hyper Absorbent Bamboo Tek, along with collaboration with artists for design, Freestyle diapers bring a touch of cool to diaper duty. Forget about cartoon characters—baby diapers can be good looking with cool design. High concentration of bamboo materials provides great absorption and keeps tiny tushies soft.



Dyper ($0.22/diaper) 

Dyper is another brand that also focuses on offering eco-friendly diapers. They use bamboo fibers as the primary material for their diapers, which are known for their softness and hypoallergenic properties. Dyper diapers are free from chlorine, latex, alcohol, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. They have a high absorbency level and feature a snug fit to prevent leaks. Dyper diapers have a wetness indicator to help parents know when it’s time for a diaper change.



Coterie ($0.41/diaper)

Unlike Dyper diapers, Coterie diapers are primarily made from sustainable wood pulp fibers, and also free from chlorine, latex, alcohol, phthalates, and other potentially irritating or harmful substances. They're all-white for a sleek look that's free from cutesy patterns. Coterie is one of the market leaders in the eco-friendly diaper sector and also comes with a higher price tag compared to other boutique diaper brands.



Millie Moon ($0.23/diaper)

Discover the comfort of Millie Moon diapers, crafted with certified clean materials to ensure a feather-soft touch on delicate skin. Engineered with an enhanced fiber blend and a high-GSM topsheet for comfort, these gender-neutral diapers boast full absorption and double leak-proof guards for extra security. With Millie Moon, eco-friendly diapering becomes accessible without straining your budget.  Millie Moon diapers are exclusively available at Target.



As parents, we have the power to make a difference for future generations. By choosing eco-friendly diapers, we can reduce our environmental footprint without sacrificing quality or comfort. Every brand we listed above focuses on using sustainable materials and minimizing its environmental impact. Overall, if you opt to go with more thoughtfully manufactured diapers full-time, you will spend an additional $200-$400 a year compared to regular big brand diapers - a small price to pay for a more a better future for our little ones. 

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