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Article: What’s happening to my skin?

What’s happening to my skin?

What’s happening to my skin?

Top 5 skincare woes during pregnancy and how to deal


We all know that your body goes through A LOT when you're pregnant. That's a given. You're creating a whole other human! You've got massive amounts of hormones coursing through you, your body is stretching and growing with baby, everything is progressing extremely quickly and there really isn't any slowing it down! One of the last things you might think would be changing during this process is actually one of the most common to change, YOUR SKIN!

Your skin can change dramatically throughout pregnancy. Take it from someone who use to have relatively average skin and turned into an oil slick overnight with baby #2! In addition to actual physical changes, you may notice your skin reacting differently to products you've been using forever. You might find that something that's always worked for you all of a sudden seems useless, and of course, some products we would use normally aren't exactly advised to use when pregnant anyways. It's confusing, and there's a ton of information floating around out there, so let's simplify it a little!

If you're having some interesting skin...experiences...during pregnancy, they'll generally land into one of three categories: pre-existing, hormonal, and pregnancy specific. Knowing what's causing the problem can go a long way toward helping you to understand it and learn how to deal with whatever it might be! A few of the more annoyingly common skin aggravations are stretch marks, acne, excessively dry skin, new sensitivities, and even hyperpigmentation.



We've talked a number of times about stretch marks, an often unavoidable side effect during pregnancy. These angry red marks can be almost unbearably itchy at times, something that can be much relieved by the use of stretch mark creams and intense moisturization. The kind of hydration that you can get from our fan-favorite Mega Moisturizing Stretch Mark Cream! With time post-pregnancy, as your body heals, these red marks usually fade to a glossy silver/white.


Remember the more than likely innumerable breakouts of your teen years? You might be experiencing something quite similar now thanks to all those rampant pregnancy hormones! Unfortunately, the average go-to's when it comes to acne aren't great for use during pregnancy. A few great tips for acne-prone skin during pregnancy are to cleanse your face morning and night with a gentle cleanser, avoid picking, and try to avoid excess oils whether in cosmetics, skincare, or even from your hair!

On the flip side, instead of oiliness, you might find yourself going through the most intense dry spell your skin has ever seen. This is where we can't stress enough: HYDRATION, HYDRATION, HYDRATION! Try not to use a cleanser that will strip your skin too severely and make sure you always follow up with a great moisturizer. Whether you're experiencing either extreme, the verdict is the same. As your hormones calm down after pregnancy so will your skin over time.


This one can be pretty frustrating. Remember how I'd mentioned I'd experienced a couple of these myself? This would be one of them! Sometimes during pregnancy your skin just reacts...differently! A product you loved might break you out or cause irritation. Your skin can even be more sensitive to sunlight! The rule of thumb here is to KEEP IT SIMPLE. This encompasses your whole skincare routine! If you're finding your skin is just not happy these days try to limit the number of different products you're using and make sure the ones you ARE using have good ingredients you can trust. And ALWAYS make sure you're putting on sunscreen during the day!


Have you noticed any darker spots on your face lately? You might be dealing with some hyperpigmentation! Like hormones during pregnancy, your body also produces more melanin. Melanin's whole job in our bodies is to give color to your skin and hair, so it stands to reason that if you're producing MORE melanin you might start to see some of these darker spots/patches appear. One form of this that you might have heard of in relation to pregnancy is melasma, sometimes called "the mask of pregnancy."  The good news? Hyperpigmentation, like melasma, usually fades on its own postpartum!!


At the end of the day, nothing is un-treatable and the discomfort will pass mama! Pro tip? While we always recommend a great moisturizer to ensure your skin is hydrated, don't forget to ACTUALLY hydrate! Drinking water is just as important to keeping your skin happy and healthy!

Pregnancy is a wild ride! But, when it comes to your skin at least, most of the most common irritants tend to slowly fade on their own. However, there are products that can be used to help ease discomfort and care for your skin through it all! Sunscreen is hugely important during pregnancy (and all the time!) to help prevent skin sensitivity and even help limit hyperpigmentation. Moisturizers, like our favorite stretch mark cream, can help soothe irritated stretch marks and ease dry, itchy skin discomfort. If you’re currently in the market for a great moisturizer we know how you can snag one for FREE! Just click here.

And, when it comes to skin problems like acne, sensitivity, and hyperpigmentation? Between you and me, we might have something up our sleeve!

Friendly reminder! While we are here to chat with you about skincare, ingredients, and different aspects of pregnancy, the information written and referred to here is NOT intended as medical advice and should not be used in that manner. You should always consult your doctor in regards to your specific circumstances.

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